New to a dual monitor setup, and I have some questions..

Well I just got my Samsung 26" 720p 60hz refresh rate HDTV hooked up to my computer via an hdmi connection. I have my 21.5" Asus VH222H (1080p, 5ms response time) hooked up to my system via a DVI connection.

Everything is going smoothly, but a few questions.

First, I am able to drag icons, and windows etc. to my secondary display (my secondary is the 26" HDTV) but can I change the desktop background on my secondary, whilst keeping a different one on my primary?
Am I able to get an actual desktop on my secondary display as well (toolbar, windows menu, application shortcuts)

Those are my questions relating the dual monitor setup, but I have another that relates to my HDTV on its own.
This HDTV is rated at 720p, which I thought to mean a resolution of of 1680x1050. Well, for the HDTV windows says that 1360x768 is the recommended res, and when I switch it to 1680x1050, or any other resolution, for that matter, it goes out of alignment. This means that 1360x768 is the resolution that fits my HDTV, yet it is rated at 720p!

All help is appreciated!
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  1. Hello,
    I'm not sure bout the other stuff, but regarding ur new television, the resolution of a television is rated horizontal X vertical. The tv 720 or 1080 rating is based on the vertical lines on the lcd. So if your tv is 1360 X 768, it is correctly rated at 720. Whereas lcds with a resolution of 1680 x 1050 are considered to be 1080 monitors.
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