Issues with my new Radeon HD 6770

Hi ,
Recently my old graphic card died , and i was forced to get a new one.

Since i was low on budget and wasn't able to upgrade the entire computer , i decided to get a decent one , jumping from my old DDR2 , 512mb gpu to a GDDR5 one with 128bits.
The main thing that worried me about that is that , if i put a GDDR5 gpu on a DDR2 motherboard , the gpu would work as a DDR2.

After some time i actually found out that the biggest issue on putting a good GPU on a weaker computer only requires a good PSU and the correct slot on the motherboard.
I have a LC Power 5450 450W super silent PSU , and i was really worried that my PSU will not have enough power for the new GPU and that i would have to buy that too.

I got the card today , plugged it in and installed drivers and everything seemed ok. I wanted to test it a bit , and turned on League of Legends , a game which i actually think doesn't have high system requirements , and during the game i experienced some flashes and some short FPS lag-spikes.

I really don't know what is the cause of this , could it be something PSU related or something else?
I also tried some other games , and somehow i feel i'm not having any improvements from my last GPU..

I would be really grateful for any kind of help , i feel really helpless and don't know what to do.
Thanks in advance...
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  1. Your PSU appears to have the extra 6pin connector and two 12v rails with 13A and 14A which adds to 27A so I don't think that's the problem.My HD5750 is overclocked and runs just fine on an old Thermaltake 560w with a molex to 6pin adapter.Also League of Legends is a game with a lot of bugs so I wouldn't be surprised if it crashes sometimes.Then if you have an old single-core CPU,the performance boost brought by the new card isn't going to be big.Try reinstalling your gpu drivers.
  2. Well, I would say do a proper Driver Uninstall, Remove anything that deals with the 6770 or the older card, and update the drivers from AMD's website select you card and download (12.7 beta gave me a heck of an fps boost in a few games).

    And a GDDR5 card won't downgrade to DDR2 speeds if used on a DDR2 board. I used a HD5850 1gb GDDR5 on a old DDR2 board for years and played all them newer games out there like BF3.

    Also the PSU you have, I would try a different PSU, PSU's tend to not put out as much amps/watts after they get so old.
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