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A month ago I switched on my PC to find the power light flashing, it wouldn't boot and nothing would post. I messed around with my memory sticks to find the problem recurring only if i use one of the two DIMM slots. I removed the memory stick from that slot and continued using the solitary memory stick. After taking it to a vendor who tried to diagnose the problem, he claimed one of the memory stick's faulty. I ran a complete memtest-86 and they came out error free. Now my windows hangs completely a minute into loggin in. It works just fine if i boot in safe mode with networking. If i try to reinstall windows, the setup does not allow to format or mess with the system drive citing no available drivers for that partition. The system reboots itself anyway soon after. I tried booting with Ubuntu. The system rebooted too. I'm unsure where the problem lies.....

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5400+,
2x2gb Corsair XMS2 ddr2800,
ECS A740GM-M (Looks like a motherboard issue)
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  1. Have a hunch it might be either the mobo or the HDD .....
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