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Ok so Ive been looking around and cant find a PCI pinout for a dummy like me. I have a PCI slot that isnt being used in my computer so what I plan on doing is taking an old PCI card and hooking 2 40mm fans on it and running them off of the 12v pin. Problem is... No clue which the +12v/-12v pins are.

(at work so I had to use Facebook to post the pics of the PCI card)
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  2. Which side is the A side and which is the B side though?
    Like I said Im a dummy when it comes to this kind of stuff lol
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  4. My wild guess is that the "front" side of the PCI card is A, while the "back" side is B. The front would be the one with all the chips on it.
  5. Keep in mind that the PCI spec limits the 12v supply to 500 milli-amps on the bus and that fans can draw twice as much current than they are spec'd for at startup.
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