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Hey everyone,

Longtime lurker, decided to sign-up and get some thoughts. I am not on a "tight" budget, but if I could afford an Alienware I'd buy one...make sense? I am looking to...re-build(?) my PC after several years, and upgrades. Suffice to say, My ASUS A7N8X Rev 2.0 Athlon XP 3200+ GeForce 7600GS System is...well...old.

I have pretty much made my decision, but wanted to see what you all thought:

AUDIO: Sound Blaster Audigy 2ZS Platinum Pro (Great card, using this in the new build.)
ASE: Kingwin KT-436SS-WM (bought in '03 LOVE THIS CASE!!)

MOBO: Asus M4A78T-E (~140)
PROC: AMD Phenom II X4 Rev. 3 955 Blackbox (~175)
RAM: Crucial 2gig DIMM DDR3 1066 (4 of these ~40/ea)

VIDEO: XFX HD5770 (2 of these ~200/ea {less in some places})

Before the video cards, I'm looking at ~475 before shipping. The reason I went for the ASUS board is the built in HD Video. I know it's not the best, but it will carry me till I get the 5770's. I haven't selected a PSU, and I am thinking that I shouldn't go with the stock heat sink. I would like some suggestions here. Noise isn't a big deal for me (reference sound card) on the PSU and I am considering a 500W to ensure that everything has enough juice...So that's it. I now turn it over to you for comments and suggestions.

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  1. ^ That is a good build...but why do you need 8GB of RAM ?
    What will you be using the PC for ? If it will be for gaming, I dont see any use for that 8GB...4GB would suffice...
    Hope you noticed this combo at newegg...

    PSU - If you want to run 2 HD 5770s, then 500W would be cutting close...get atleast a Quality 550W+ PSU...
  2. gkay09 said:

    PSU - If you want to run 2 HD 5770s, then 500W would be cutting close...get atleast a Quality 550W+ PSU...

    I think that's cutting it close. I'd go to something like a 650 watt Corsair or Antec. With 2 video cards and a medium size PSU, I wouldn't bother with the expense of modular cables. You will not have that many left over.
  3. ^ Well the HD 5770s are not very power hungry...but like you said 550W will be close too...but that OCZ 600W will certainly do the job...and at that price, the modular cabling is a bonus...
  4. I do plan on using it for gaming, but I also do a lot of video conversion/transcoding and stream that to my PS3. The 8gig's of RAM is just to ensure I am not "capping" out on heavy loads. I am also just getting into digital photography, so there may be some Photoshopping in the not too distant future. Also, during the research on this build I noticed Devil May Cry was used as a Benchmark on alot of sites...i had written the series off after 3 (ugh what a horrible game), but I may check it out too.

    So what about a heatsink? I haven't really looked at anything yet. Are water cooling systems still outrageously expensive? I am not planning on over clocking...much, but if WC is affordable I may got that route because I've never done it before.

    Thanks everyone for your previous and future replies. Happy Holidays

  5. ^ Then 8GB is fine for you...
    And as for the HSF, if you wont be overclocking high, then there is no need for watercooling ans also to get a decent watercooling set, it would easily cost above $100...So a good HSF would suffice...
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