Problem initializing Hdd

ASUS M3A ACPI Bios rev 0501
AMD 64 X2 5400+ 2.8 Ghz
2GB ram
32 bit Win7 ultimate fresh install
1 TB Hdd
I had a 500GB WD hdd with XP Home installed previously which got a virus :fou: and I removed the 500GB and replaced it with the 1TB and Win7 Ult. Everything seems ok (Win 7 may be a little much for this machine), I tried to recover pics and files from my 500GB by connecting through an ext sleeve via USB ( tried every port). Device manager sees it as USB storage working properly, Disk manager sees it as unknown and wont initialize it, just says device not ready. Hopefully, i provided enogh info to get some answers,
Thanks alot
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  3. Did I ask this in the wrong place or is there no help available for this question
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