Underclocking the cpu

For unlocking the other two cores on my AMD Phenom II X2 555 BE, this steps were mentioned:-

"HT link @ 1.6GHz
ACC @ all cores
Value(all cores) @ -2%"

How do I underclock my cpu by -2% from the BIOS settings page?

My motherboard is a Biostar TA785GE 128m

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  1. Cool and quiet automatically lowers the cpu fsb and voltage on most cpus. You don't need to lower the bios settings. It does a better job of selecting the right settings to save energy than if you do it yourself.
  2. The -2% is not a clock speed alteration. It is the setting for ACC. Once you select "all cores" below will appear that "value (all cores)" thing. Where did you get these instructions though?
  3. Thanks for the help guys.

    Here's the link-

    And by "HT link @ 1.6GHz ", does that mean I should raise both HT-Link Speed and HT-Link Width to 1.6 GHz?
  4. You must be looking at settings that are not HT-link width because HT link width can be set to a number in bits. ie, there are no GHz settings there. eg, 8-bits, 16 bits, 32 bits.
  5. So I should just set HT-link speed to 1.6 GHz?
  6. Disable "cool and quiet" first. Then lower your ht setting by 20% examles: if the default is 5, set it to 4 for the multiplier, or if it's 2000, set it at 1600). Set the cpu voltage at 1.4, no higher. Then enable acc. Good luck.
  7. i have a similar request. i would like to underclock my i7-920 temporarily to play some games without overheating since my hsf is supposedly defective, so im waiting for my cooler to arrive. while waiting, could i underclock my i7-920 with asus p6t motherboard to lower cpu temps?
  8. No need to. Cool and quiet will lower the voltage setting for most applications. Gaming will stress your cpu no matter what settings you use. Limit your gaming time to maybe 30 minutes at a time until the heatsink arrives, or monitor your cpu temperature with coretemp. Your cpu won't suffer any long term damage up to about 70c for short periods of time.
  9. well, i guess that means i shouldn't even play games, since my cpu goes to 80s and on intense games, to 90s! my idle temsp are 50s... so i guess i should just wait.

    EDIT: i just vacuumed my pc, and it runs cooler now, but still high, about 5-10 degrees lower. idle is in 40s now.
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