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I have a ASUS P6X58D Premium rig running Win 7 on which I originally installed a barracuda as my C: drive and 2 1TB drives in a RAID0 config. I set the SATA setting in the bios to RAID during installation of everything, and everything has been working great. I'd now like to replace the barracuda with a SSD drive, and my hope was to use Acronis to clone the HD to the SSD without having to reinstall Windows and my apps.

Per some suggestions I saw online, prior to installing the SSD I switched the bios to AHCI and, again per the recs, change the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\msahci Start key to 0 from 3 (and, as I understand it, make Win7 start the msahci process when I boot up). Please note that I had not yet installed the SSD.

The machine restarted fine, but I was unable to see my RAID disks. I had some boot problems trying to revert, but finally "Restart with last known good configuration" saved me. I'm now a little gunshy.

My question is this: With this MB and Win7 already installed, can I clone my current HD to the SSD then run the SSD in AHCI and still recognize my RAID? Is there a series of steps that I can do that will make this come together? I'd really hate to reinstall everything; I don't have a ton of free time rebuild. Thanks in advance!!
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  1. (1) DO NOT clone your HDD to the SSD, Do a Clean install. Cloning will not setup parttion alignment and driver configuration may not allow for trim to be passed.

    (2) You can set the Bios to Raid. Disconnect ALL other HDDs during Windows 7 installation on the SSD. With Intel RST driver the SSD, as long as NOT a member drive of a raid0 set, will pass trim to the SSD. May need to download the F6 driver and install during installation (select Custom install and on page asking where to install there should be a check box (lower left).

    Once installation is complet, reattach your other HDDs, Your Raid0 setup should still be intack.
  2. Anyone with other thoughts? Again, I'd really prefer not to have to do a clean install. Thanks
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