E8400 gigantic temp readings

Hello everyone. I have a slight problem and I have no idea what to do. My pc startet rebooting itself yesterday. I instantly thought it to be something with the temp. Today, it even shut off a couple of times and reported temperatures exceeding the Tj at booting. :??: I did not do any kind of OC at all. I opened my pc, cleaned every bit of dust I could find, cleaned every fan...but the problem remains. Coretemp and Everest are reporting a temp of 70 C when idle :??: I opened the case and the heat pipes aren't even remotely warm let alone burning. :??: All fans work as they should, but the temp readings aren't going down.

My spec:
E8400 @ stock 3 ghz
2 x 2 gb ddr2 800 mhz ram
8800 GT @ 512 mb ddr3
320 gb hd
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  1. Go by your bios readings. You can let your system warm up, then use the reset button and check your readings in the pc health or hardware monitor sections. If they read 70c, then check your heatsink position on the motherboard. You may have one corner loose.
  2. Ok, so I tried to warm up the system. I started Resident Evil 5, and the temp goes to 100 C, then suddenly drops to -20 :S Now it's at -20. What the hell?
  3. Sounds like the heatsink might not be makeing full contact with the CPU i would say take it off clean it off rubbing alcohol and Q tip
  4. Wow, thanks guys, really thanks a lot. A pin wasn't keeping the sink in place right, took me a while to actually see it, but now everything is ok again, working @ 50 C under load. Thanks once more.
  5. Ok, the problem persists in another form. The temp is back to normal with one core being at 45 C and the other at 50 C in relative idle state. However, the pc just restarted a minute ago :S This has been happening since yesterday, the pc simply reboots for no apparent reason at all. WTH?
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