Problem With VGA CARD (Baking)

Hi guyz. I got some problems with my Vga cards.
I bought 2nd hand "AXLE 3D" vga cards (Gt 220 and 9500 Gt) from a lot.
Some of them worked fine but others have the following problems.
Pre-heated the oven for 8 mins, Baked them at 196C for 8 mins and let them cool for 20 mins at Room Temp.

1- Baked them but no effect, still had the same ARTIFACTS and WINDOW CRASH (after logon screen) problem.

2- Baked, worked fine. Later a week turned on the PC and the same problem was there, ARTIFACTS and WINDOW CRASH.

3- Card's fan was working perfectly from on-board circuit. Baked it, the fan stopped working. I connected the fan wire directly to the power supply's connection and it worked fine.

4- Baked 9800 Gt, it worked fine for a week. Problem again. Baked again but this time instead of connecting the heat sink, i just put the VGA card in the pci slot with no heat sink on it to check is it working or not. A few seconds later heard a small sound and it stopped working. Tried to smell if something was burning but it was fine. Now whenever i connect it to the PC, it wont start. I remove it and PC starts.

5- Tested one of them with the STABILITY TEST at 16X for 10 mins and worked perfect. Should i sell the ones working perfectly after baking?

I tried contacting at the AXLE 3D support but in vain. Any hope i can get them working? If u have any solution to the problems, please email me the ans of every question (if possible) at
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  1. :lol:

    Thanks man, Needed a good laugh this morning, think I'll go make me some toast to go with my coffee! :lol:

    I know what you're attempting to do, just don't know why it struck me funny this morning!

    Sorry Man! :lol:

    I do hope you're not doing this in the same oven your family cooks food in.
  2. m using the baking oven not the microwave oven.
    what's the problem in it?
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