Is it possible to run 3 Gigz of RAM with 7600 GS?

ok so I got 7600 GS.. long story short, my RAM was screwed and now I got my computer going with only 1 working RAM stick of 1 Gigz... now I read someone say they can only run 2 gigz with of GeForce cards...

would I be able to take full advantage of my system if I'd upgrade to a full 3 gigz of RAM? just wanted to ask before I invest and find out the hard way.
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    You can use as much RAM as your mobo supports with any of the cards.

    I was earlier using 4GB of RAM with Geforce 6200TC(Even older than your card) and it worked fine.

    You won't face any problems if you use 3GB of RAM with 760GS.
  2. Ya it will,No probs
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