CPU throttling HELP!!


I am trying to overclock my i5 760 to 3.8ghz

it's running stable in windows but when i run P95, after about 4-5 minutes, the CPU frequency drops from 3.8 to 1.8ghz
i'm not sure why this is happening because i have all power saving options turned OFF in the bios and the temp on my core when the throttle starts is 68-71c

Also my settings in windows is set to high performance mode.

Can anyone tell me why this is happening?

Any help is much appreciated.

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  1. The heatsink you have is not enough.
    overclocking a processor creates a lot more heat. the stock heatsink can not dissipate this amount of heat.
    You need a better heatsink for overclocking your processor.
  2. I have an akasa venom CPU cooler. surely 70c under full load (100% on all cores) is an acceptable temp?

    40c idle. vcore 1.25
  3. The danger limit for the intel chips is 92c i believe. Do you have speedstep disabled? This is what is causing the throttleing. You overclocked the turbo boost not the physical multiplier.
  4. Speedstep is off, as is all C-states. Turned off the CPU TM and now seems to be fine but not sure if this option is meant to be left on.

    Edit: Pc shutdown after 13 minutes of prime 95. No idea whats going on here.

  5. Have you tried increasing your voltage? whats your bclk? Is it stable with the default bios settings? What RAM are you using? What motherboard do you have? P95 which test? etc etc etc
  6. Voltage: 1.224

    BClk @ 200

    8 gig ddr3 corsair @ 1600

    CPU: i5 760

    Mobo: p7p55 - m

    P95 test was the 3rd option on startup. (default)

    If i enable CPU TM it starts throtling the CPU to 1.8 when the temps hit 74 degrees C. then it goes back up to the OC of 3.8 after abou a second.

    The shutdown i got after turning CPU TM off happened at 74 degrees C. The OC is fine accept for this factor. Should it not throttle/shutdown at 99 degrees C?
  7. Quote:
    technically, its spec is 72.7C max. It's not going to break at that temp tho, you could run it 75C max and be ok.

    Quick edit. I found this and it would match you if your hitting 71c. Sounds like if you can change the max temp it should be ok, but I cant promise you this will destroy your CPU.
  8. What about your case cooling.
    How many fans and what type?
    Dirrection of fans also.
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