XP not working well on Gateway netbook Lt28

Hello, the sound has been turning off and now the mouse pad will not work. A friend put xp on this netbook that came with 7 starter. There is no recovery partition anymore, and I have not been able to find an OEM download for it yet.
Also, the webcam does not work that well.
Is there a way to get XP to fully work on this pc?
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  1. your going to have problems... the issue is drivers. you more than likely will NOT be able to install the correct drivers to downgrade your system and therefore key components of your netbook will not work / function properly, or you could spend days searching the web to see if any down graded drivers will work. If the Recovery partition was wiped, you will need to contact Gateway. They will be able to provide a set of restore disks for a nominal fee. it's always best to go through and make your own set of recovery disks BEFORE messing with the OS.
  2. Dang. That sucks. Thanks man.
  3. Your Welcome
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