24p - anti judder - soap opera effect - led lcd tv 240 hz :)

Hi people from tomshardware. First of all, I want to thank you beforehand because I know you will help me :)

Last week I was at a friend´s house and he was playing video games (ps3, xbox 360) in his new 240hz/5000000:1 contrast ratio led backlit lcd tv and the gaming show rich colors, the high contrast, etc etc, but overall, not THAT much improved over his lcd hdtv capable monitor before (well, maybe a lot of improvement, but the following changed all)

and THEN, he played a blu ray movie with his ps3 in that lcd led blacklit tv (samsung serie 8 240hz) and I was totally blown away. He sais to me: "the movie looks like you are in the film making, because it seems like a video, or like a "soap opera" " and I can tell you the effect is just good, I liked it a lot :)

after that, I did some research and learn that that "soap opera" effect is called anti judder, or motion interpolation processing, and learn the term 24p movie, pulldowns (3:2 or 5:5, etc) and all that things.

I believed that if a pc can connect to that tv, maybe, via video configuration (missing in consoles) the videogames could look like the "soap opera" or at least smoother than in a normal lcd.

so here are my questions (sorry for the long prologue :) ) :

a) can the pc, using the cpu power, do motion interpolation processing? and how do i do :) ? and if it can be done, using that in a normal lcd monitor could do the "soap opera" effect?

b) using the pc for games on a 240hz or 120 hz with motion plus (or the brand name of the de judder or interpolation processing) look better than a normal lcd? I mean if you have lets say, a core i7 860 and a 5850, and if you connect it to a 240hz with motion interpolation on, the game would see better? smoother?

thanks again :)
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  1. Check out this article; it talks about what makes the 120/240Hz TVs so fancy.
  2. How in the world can you like the Soap Opera Effect? It's disgusting. It completely destroys the original viewing experience. Filmmakers do not make their movies in 240hz for a REASON. 24 fps looks much better.

    I will never buy a TV that displays content this way.
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