Biostar A780L3G Mobo, DDR2 or DDR3?

Hi guys, I just need some clarification. I picked up a free Biostar A780L3G motherboard at Microcenter, with a purchase of an AMD Athlon II x4 630 CPU. Where I need a little clarification, is with the ram type. At the Microcenter site, the mobo spec says supported memory is DDR2. At Newegg, and then at the Biostar site, it says DDR3. The model numbers on the mobo seem to be the same at each site, so I'm guessing it's DDR3, but that doesn't seem right. Can anyone confirm which one for me? Thanks.

Microcenter specs page


Biostar site

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Biostar A780L3G motherboard is DDR3, which is your Biostar and Newegg listing, since it is just AM3.

    Biostar A780L motherboard is DDR2, which is the board your linked from Microcenter, since it is an AM3/AM2+ board.

    You need to confirm if the board is the A780L3G or the A780L. This will tell you if it is DDR3 or DDR2.
  2. I believe it's the A780L. I'll find out for sure when I pick up later. Thanks for helping me out.
  3. real world said:
    I believe it's the A780L. I'll find out for sure when I pick up later. Thanks for helping me out.

    Microcenter was doing the bundle with the A780L until recently. In the last week or so they changed the board to the A780L3G. In fact they don't even have any A780L in their inventory any longer.

    Also the CPU is actually the Athlon II X4 640 - NOT 630.

    I know this because I've been eyeing that bundle for some time and am going there today to grab it now that the have the DDR3 version in the bundle.
  4. They've upgraded the entire bundle since then. What's crazy is I just ordered another bundle with the 640 today. Wierd how these things work. In July, the RAM for that other bundle cost double of what I paid last week. $40 for 4GB of Kingston versus something like $80 or $90 for the ADATA I used in July.
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