Buying new PC after years. Help in GPU and CPU

I have sold my very recent pc.
And now I am going to buy a new one
As far as I have considered:

Intel i7 920
Intel DX 58SO
5850 CrossFire
Crucial DDR3 1333 (2GB x4)
1 TB Hard Drive
Antec P193
Corsair 750 W
Cooler Master V10 [[Do i need it?]]
Logitech diNOVE edge KEYBOARD
Logitech M950

Not considering monitor
Will it be good
Everything fine?
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  1. you only need the v10 if you overclocking but then again the v10 is over rated and over priced

    to take full advantage of your 5850's i'd suggest a 26"+ monitor or dual smaller monitors i have a liking for samsung ang lg
    whats your budget for a monitor
  2. Your plan is very nice... :)
  3. Best answer
    An i7 920 is LGA 1366 which means it can use 3 channels of ram so either go for 3 or 6 gigs of ram. I would also get DDR3 1600 as it's worth the usually minor price difference. I wouldn't buy an Intel motherboard myself. It's probably an ok board but I would go with a good manufacturer like Gigabyte or EVGA.
    Do you really need 2 HD5850s right now? Unless your monitor is going to have a native resolution higher than 1920x1200 one HD5850(or HD5870) should be great. You can always add another one later when the price comes down and save a lot of money(or realize that 1 is more than enough.)
  4. - Listen to jyjjy on the Memory. x58 boards can run triple channel memory, the intel board you listed only runs dual channel. I would look at maybe an Asus or Gigabyte board. I have an ASUS P6T board and it overclocks very well and have had NO issues at all. My only complaint is if you run dual cards they are right up against each other. We can work on your budget if you like and get you a GOOD build if you are asking for assistance. But triple channel on a 1366 is the way to go. DDR3 1600 is usally the same price or a hair more than 1333.

    -When you listed "5850 crossfire" do you mean you are planning to run (2) of these in crossfire or are you simply stating the single card as a 5850 crossfire card? I just want to be clear. (2)5850's in CF are some serious power and unless you are driving a LARGE display or multiple displays you won't need it yet. A single 5850 is really a top performer. If you are indeed looking at a crossfire system I would suggest looking at a 5970 card instead. It is (2) 5870 GPU's on one card.

    -The v10 to mosterously overrated and even a pain at times as you have to make sure it has enough clearance in your case and that any memory you select will have clearance to fit under it. I would HIGHLY suggest the v8 though.

    BTW: Snow Leopards are awesome creatures.
  5. jay2tall said:
    BTW: Snow Leopards are awesome creatures.
  6. least its not an apple snow leopard
  7. nice pic u got there jyjjy... :)

    To OP:
    All of these Veterans has explained very well, go as they said...
  8. Thanks for the help
    I have reduced GPU to one and added money to monitor
    But Not yet clear about motherboard.
    Can you guys tell me the best around $250?
  9. ^I have to agree with the two above. The first one IS $300 but you get SO much with it. You get 6Gb/s SATA and USB3. Those will start to become a big deal.

    The Deluxe is a sweet board, there is also the Non-deluxe P6T (which is what I have)

    Also, for a few bucks less the SE version which is the same as the P6T regular version, just without SLI support.

    You have to figure out what you are comfortable paying for and also getting in your system. To be honest I usually keep my core system (mobo,cpu,mem) for about 3 years so I try to make sure it will deliver what I need in that time.
  10. Thanks all Just bought everything
    Buying monitor tomorrow.
    Thanks again
  11. Enjoy. The x58 platform is REALLY the way to go if you are going higher end. It will support more cores in the future. I always used Asus boards and never had an issue with one of them.
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