1 month old system dies for Christmas.

This system has been operating fine since Thanksgiving

Asus P6T Mobo
Intel i7 920
Thermaltake CPU Fan CL-P0501 (factory pre-pasted)
Patriot Torx 128GB SSD (Boot)
2x2TB Western Digital Green (non RAID)
VGA EVGA 01G-P3-N959-TR 9500GT 1G
Windows 7 64 bit Professional (fresh install)
Antec Sonata Eilte II case

Suddenly yesterday it started crashing. Just suddenly off. Gone. No BSOD, nothing. Tried to reset from front of case, nothing. Press on/off inside case: nothing. Unplugged power cable for 30 seconds, tried again. came back up & worked for 30 minutes then crashed. Repeat above.

Now it immediately crashes while trying to boot. Memory lights flash for a moment then it goes dead. Reset & on/off are non-responsive unless the PSU has been unplugged from the wall for 10-15 seconds. It tries to boot, then dead.

Nothing new has been added to the system since it was built over Thanksgiving weekend. It worked perfectly. It is not overclocked or any other tweaks. CPU temps were 38-40 normally. I thought the CPU fan was a bit loud and sped up & down for no apparent reason.

I have unplugged & re-seated all the connectors, Moved the memory around. disconnected the case fan & 2TB drives, nothing helps.

Suspecting the PSU has gone bad but will gratefully take other suggestions before I go tearing it apart.

Thanks in advance. Guidance appreciated.

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  1. I agree this could be the PSU gone bad. Another possibility to check for is MAYBE the mounting system for the CPU cooler broke and it is not being held down to the CPU snugly at all point. This might be hard to spot becasue just one out of 4 fasteners could fail and leave it mildly loose but looking OK, so examine it closely.

    Best way to check out a PSU problem could be to borrow a friend's PSU and swap it in temporarily. Got any friends like that?
  2. Its also possibly one of the power cables has come loose. Try unplugging and re-plugging all the wires inside. While you have it open look at the motherboard carefully for any signs of physical damage like a blown capacitor.
  3. Someone must have been a very naughty boy this year!
  4. Well, the worst of all situations....its now working normally & I don't know why. I did disconnect/reconnect the PSU plugs, but I had done that earlier. The CPU cooler & fan are socked down tight. I tweaked the fan control to run 'silent' (It had been 'standard'). At idle the CPU is now 39C and the cooler fan is about 1K RPM. Video card fan was a bit noisy but tapping the blades seemed to quiet it.

    Its been running for over 4 hours without issue. I hate it when that happens.

    Thanks for the suggestions. Merry Christmas.

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    This exact same thing happened to me when my Ultra X3 1000 Watt PSU crapped out on me. The computer would just turn off. No error, no BSoD, no nothing. Just on, then off. The problem completely disappeared when I replaced it with a Corsair power supply and it's been running for three months now as good as new. Seasonic PSUs are supposed to be the best, but I guess one can go bad every now and then. If it happens again, you might just try and pick up a Corsair PSU and replacing it.
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