Did I Cause Damage Doing This?

I went away for a week, so I thought it would be a good idea to leave my computer off for the week. It had been previously running for months with the odd reboot. When I got back it booted to windows, then it just randomly shut down and could no longer boot past the windows logo and often said failed to boot with overclocked settings, yet I didn't have anything overclocked anymore.

So I replaced the power supply today, but I stupidly plugged the 6-pin PCI-E into the 4-pin 12v slot by the CPU. I tried powering on the system and it did absolutely nothing. The green light on the motherboard is illuminated. I then realized what I had done wrong, and put in the correct side of the 8-pin 12v connector instead of the PCI-E but to no avail.

I then hooked up my old power supply which still partially worked to the motherboard and the 4-pin 12v connection but it wouldn't boot it either.

Have I fried my mobo doing this? Is my powersupply faulty?
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  1. If it booted before with the old supply I would say that you damaged something on the mobo.
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