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Months and months ago I remember reading all over the internet that DirectX 10 cards will compatible with DirectX 11 I even spoke with a technical support pro about this and he said that they will be I wasn't sure and I asked how it was possible and he said how it will be done is just by configuring the drivers to run DirectX 11. But now more recently that shifted to where you need a DX 11 GPU if you want to do DX11 graphics. My question is why did that change? I can't help but feel a little bit misled, does anyone else remember reading everywhere that DX10 cards will work in DX11, I read everywhere that I will not need an upgrade at all definitely. But now it is unfortunate that that seems like it was either a lie or just a rumor.
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  1. I think maybe you were mislead or the information was miscommunicated. DX10 cards will play DX11 games, just not with DX11 settings. In order to run DX11 you need a DX11 game, A DX11 video card, and either Windows 7 or Vista SP2 with the video update (through automatic updates).
  2. yeah I remember reading that too,
    I don't really feel the need to play dx 11 games right now, but
    yeah it does suck...
    I also read somewhere....the performance would get a tiny boost, not seeing that either though.
  3. DX10/10.1 cards *are* compatible with DX11, and will play DX11 games. But as pointed out above, they are not capable of executing DX11~specific features/settings.

    Your technician misspoke.
  4. I'm guessing the tiny performance boost is negated by the extra features that make it work harder. Or it's a tiny boost in a small segment of work relative to overall load, which makes it near impossible to detect.
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