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Hi, i would like to know if i can cool my cpu: 3570k and still overclock
And cool a gpu:570 on stock using a single 360 58.5 mm thick, and still get good coolig perfomance or should i add a 240 to the loop?, thank you for the help
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  1. ok so you are looking at thick rads, that is a good choice if you do not want a lot of rads on the loop. what is the FPI of the rad and the type of fans you plan on using also what configuration will the fans be in? you may need a fan controller for them.
  2. The rad is giog to be the RX360 from the XSPC raystorm kit, i was looking at some XSPC 1650rpm or the gentle typhoons 1650rpm would those be good enough?
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    that rad is designed for low rpm fans like to ones you have chosen I would consider the 240 added to the system as well ( with high FPI rads and high RPM fans the heat that one rad can remove is allot) but with this setup it will not remove as much. it is still a good setup, it is just that it does require more rads to do the same job. I use the same type of setup as well to keep the system quite.
  4. An RX360 should be fine to cool a 3570k and a GTX570 without issue since the total heat dissipation is around 575 watts.
  5. rubix_1011 said:
    An RX360 should be fine to cool a 3570k and a GTX570 without issue since the total heat dissipation is around 575 watts.

    What if i wante to overclock the 3570k and the gtx 570 would i ten have to get another rad for better temps?
  6. It depends on clocks and voltage needed. Even if your CPU and GPU both end up with an overclocked TDP of 200w each, you still have head room...even if both are 250w.

    It really will come down to what fans you want to use on the rad and what pump you will be running. I almost always consider a 10C delta-T when offering suggestions as that is pretty common and budget friendly. This entails a 1.0-1.5gpm flow rate and around 1500-1800rpm fans over that rad. So, with slower fans, you might be dissipating 475-525 watts (I'd have to look at Skinnee's graph for fan speed at 10C delta).

    Grrr...image size.
  7. ok so i will be using a 1650 rpm fan speed and the d5 pump that comes with the kit so i should be fine unless im looking for quiet?
    lol the image size :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Well i think i will add the 240 to the loop anyways its not like it could hurt right?
  8. D5 is very quiet...what is your definition of quiet?

    And it's always better to over rad than under rad.
  9. Well my definition of qiuet is usually as long aa the fans do"t make any other noises other than the niose of air moving and under 40dba

    O and should i spend the 15 extra to get the vario pump?

    And with watercooling i can turn of a pc just like normal right because i usually don"t leave my computer on 24/7 usually around
    12 hours a day
  10. yes you can shut it down as often as you like
  11. One more question, ok so if i just pull air into the radiator as in the fans will be on top of the radiator, would it make a difference if they were on bottom for the XSPC RX360 as i will be using Yate loons 1650 rpm fans
  12. so you are only using 3 fans on one and two fans on the other for this setup if so I would like to suggest shrouds for the radiators/fans and then place your fans in a pull position from the radiators on top of the shrouds.
  13. What happens if i don"t put shrouds? Because that thing won@t fit in the case unless i take the top panel off but then itl look ugly
  14. well it is not as if they won't work or anything it is simply that the increased performance that you get by using them makes it worth the cost but I would look for cheaper alternatives to the links they are merely a reference to go by
  15. How much performance are we talking here?
  16. 40% +
  17. Ok, wow , thats alot but um im am going to use the NZXT switch 810 and i dont really have much space on top
  18. think about it this way how wide is the case how wide is the rad if you move the rad to the edge of the case leaving only enough room for the side panel than you should have about 2 inches between the rad and the back plate so 1 1/2 inches from the mother board I do not think that the MOBO components stand off the board more than 1 1/2 inches so you should be fine.
  19. Ill have to see when i get everything
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  21. thanks for the BA man
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