Corsair a50 for AMD 965

I am considering getting the $10 corsair a50 from newegg to replace the stock cooler on my amd 965.

However, I am worried that it won't fit into my cooler master elite 430 case or it will block something on my Asrock extreme 870 rev 2.0 motherboard.

Does anyone here have experience with either one of those parts? Thanks in advance!
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  1. Should fit fine. This video shows someone using elite 430 with corsair a50 --->

    Not sure about the mobo and ram modules. Probably going to depend if you are using all slots and/or if your RAM has high or low profile heatsinks.
  2. It won't block the ram slots, or it shouldn't anyway, I had the Corsair A70 on an ASRock 870 extreme3 and it fit just fine on the mobo with 4 high profile ram sticks, so you should be fine even with that case.
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