Memory issues with GA-X58A-UD3R

i just recently got the GA-X58A-UD3R board and am running Crucial 3X2GB(1600Mhz) ballistix memory. the problem is that widows detects all 6GB, where as the bios has only ENABLED 4GB.

I am not sure what this means or whether i should be concerned, but i have tested the 3 rams and it appears that 1 module may not be working and 1 slot may not be working.

Is it possible that the memory slot on the board is not working already? and if 1 module is not working then why is it detected in windows & CPU-Z?

help is much appreciated, Thanks.
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  1. Read the i3/i5/i7 'Missing' Memory topic in the GB 'sticky'...
  2. thans for the guide, ive only had the board for a few days but i will try anything so will examine the socket, didn't think that was a possible problem. thanks
  3. well i just examined the socket and found two pins which weren't in place. i fixed them as best possible, but on rebooting the computer i still have the same issue. The bios has detected all 6GB but only enabled 4GB.

    I had the same problems with this ram on the old GA-X58-UD3R, which failed and i had to replace.

    any ideas?
  4. One of the first thing to try is to run MemTest86+ on one stick at a time, to verify your individaul DIMMs are actually OK - detailed instructions for D/Ling & preparing MemTest itself at about the middle of Part IV - "Tweaking and tuning"; instructions for doing the actual testing further down toward the bottom...
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