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Hello, got a new dvd rom that i just bought, switched the jumpers changed bios and wont load. changed back cdrom loads fine, tried another dvd rom same issue. computer recognizes it in bios ( comps not that old only a few years ) but will not boot at all. whats the next step
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  1. what OS?
  2. xp , now i recently put a few dollars into this comp, and the new mobo only had one ide ( didnt upgrade HD ) and the cable has 2 adapters for hd and cd rom or w/e. i consulted with other comp savy people confirmed that should work. should i return it and just get sata? id rather keep what i have, the place i run with is about 20-30 min away for parts
  3. Do you have service pack 2 or 3 installed?

    Also what do you mean it won't boot? It won't boot windows, or the DVD drive won't allow you to boot a startup disk, or in windows, it won't recognize a DVD?

    I would not buy any more IDE if I was you, but it's your choice. What is the make/model of the drive?
  4. I'd be tempted to boot to Windows first and check that you can read a CD/DVD from the drive from there just to ensure that the drive is working.

    Did you mean that you have 1 IDE connector on your motherboard and from that you have an IDE cable that splits and goes to your HDD and then to your DVD Drive?
  5. I'm guessing that the computer will not boot up with this drive installed.
    Can you tell us how you have the HDD and dvd drive jumpred and which ide cable connector they are on? The connectors have colors, one is grey and one is black. (unless you're using a really really old cable)

    Basically you want the hd on the black and the dvd on the grey and both should be jumpered for CS not master and slave. I know this is a pain to plug in because the hdd is usually lower than the dvd drives and I bet you swapped positions right?

    If you don't have the ultra-ata cable (with the motherboard end blue and the hdd end black and grey in the middle) then you should get one.

    You can use the old 40 wire cable but you will lose transfer speed. Hadd drive you would jumper as master and the DVD drive jumpered as slave. You may have other jumpers on thee drives for item like master present, single, or slave present.

    If the dvd is dead, you could disconnect the hdd and see id the computer passes the Post (power on self test) and asks for a boot disk. You could even download a linux live cd and haqve it handy to see if the drive actually can read a disk and boots linux. <thumbs>
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