MSI 870A-GD60 Hydra

Im highly interested in the new MSI 870A-GD60 Hydra board. I was wondering if anyone might have any information on the the release of these boards in the States. I understand that they are due out this month maybe.
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  1. It's a motherboard based on the AMD 870 chipset. The Hydra chip allows you to mix and match ATi/nVidia GPUs, and have two HD 5870 Hydra, one HD 5870 and one GTX 480 in Hydra configuration, or two GTX 480s Hydra, for example. Normally the AMD 870 chip only provides x16 lanes of bandwidth for one graphic card, however the Hydra chip adds another 16 for full two way CFX/SLI/Hydra.

    Note that tests have proven using two HD 5870s in CrossFireX is faster than two HD 5870s in Hydra, and the same goes for nVidia cards - SLI is faster than Hydra. The main point of this board is to be able to use multi-GPU nVidia configuration in addition to ATi cards, and be able to mix cards that you may have lying around.
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