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Hello Everyone,

I am looking at building a new system out of my taxes this year, seeing how my computer is old !!!

This is what I have now

AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Venice 2.2GHz Socket 939 Single-Core Processor Model ADA3500BPBOX
ASUS A8V DELUXE 939 VIA K8T800 Pro ATX AMD Motherboard
2 x Kingston 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200) Desktop Memory Model
Thermaltake Armor Series VA8000BWS Black Aluminum / Steel ATX Full Tower Computer Case
Creative SOUND BLASTER X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS 7.1 Channels PCI Interface Sound Card
CORSAIR CMPSU-650TX 650W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC
2 x Lighton DVD burners
4 x Ide hard drives ( 3 x 300gb, main drive 80gb)
2 x Sata hard drives ( 300gb )
512mb ram bfg agp video card

that is my system right now, and as you can see its OLD !!!!

So any advice on what I should get ? My goal for my current computer the one listed above is to turn it into a file server as some point when i have the money.

So if we reuse the case and power supply I have now, what should I look at getting, I play computer games, watch anime and movies, and listen to music on my computer, I also alot of office work with office and stuff like that, so muiltasking is also something to think about.

I have always gone with AMD and asus, but with the market the way it is and what not, I am not sure anymore. I am thinking I want a quad core something, but again not sure because I am trying to keep the cost to under $1000 if i can the system above only cost my 600 bucks when I made it.

So any advice would be GREAT !!!!!!!!!

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  1. CPU: i5-750 $200 (unless you're near a Microcenter, then it's $150)

    Mobo: Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD4P $185

    Combo: CPU+Mobo: -$20

    RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 2x2 GB DDR3 1333 mhz CAS Latency 7 $100

    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 TB $85

    Optical: LG 22x SATA DVD Burner $28

    GPU: HD 5870 $410

    Total: $988. You can probably reuse the DVD burner(s) from your old build to save a little. You could also switch the HDD for the 500 GB model to save $30.
  2. Thanks for the advice so far guys ..

    I cant reuse my dvd drives because there IDE and there going bad anyways, also I had hope to stick with a NVIDIA graphics card as I have never had any luck with Radeon cards ..

    Only other thing I was thinking of was a soild state drive for the main hard drive and then use another for storage. Right now I have a 80gb hard drive with just the OS and programs on it that is it , everything is on my other 5 hard drives.

    And had hoped to maybe go above 4gb ram just so I can beat my friend but that is no big deal ..

    Thanks Again !!!
  3. You don't need more than 4 GB for what you're doing. Once you start tyring to beat someone else's computer, you start spending you're money stupidly. I would almost guarantee that my build would beat his anyway...

    SSDs would be nice, but they're really expensive and don't give you much. All you get is a second or two off program loading times. It doesn't help you in game at all. The Spinpoints are extemely fast any way. You could get a 500 GB for the OS/games, keep you're other drives and be perfectly fine.

    You really should jump ship to ATI. nVidia's getting the crap kicked out of them by the new 5xxx line. The 5870 is the second best out right now (the best is the HD 5970 for $600+). The people on the Titantic sure didn't get anything for staying...
  4. There is a reason no one is recommending Nvidia GPUs right now. ATIs driver issues have been far less since AMD took them over. ATI has the only DX11 graphics cards out, Nvidia doesnt seem to have any coming out until spring. The new ATI cards are faster, cheaper and use less power than Nvidias current cards, in addition to having DX11.

    For gaming you will get no performance increase beyond 4GB.

    Caviar Blue is a "cool & quiet" drive, not something you want for your boot. Read the recent storage articles as Toms just reviewed 9 new models of SSD. The new samsung F3 is currently the best boot HDD as its 500GB platters make it faster than velociraptors.
  5. Aaahhh I didnt know AMD took over ATI , that is news to me .. Ok so maybe it is worth looking into then , all I can remember from the last time I got a ATI card is it was crap for games and gave me all sorts of trouble that is why i switched.

    Same reason why I switched from Intel to AMD ..

    MadAdmiral your system seems very nice, the only thing that I am a little iffy about is the video card, $400 bucks seems to me a little steep , I was tring my best to keep the cost down the best I could ..

    Plus I would need two Dvd drives, because I do ALOT of burning and having dual drives helps alot !!!!

    And really you get no performance increase if you add more ram to your system ? not just talking about games but over all performance, that is why I was thinking more might be better.

    And only other thing is I have always kept my " main " hard drive as small as I can so that why I dont junk it up and when I have to reformat and reinstall everything it doesnt take forever ..

    So I dont know , I am all confused now !!!!!!
  6. The AMD/ATI thing happened a while ago. Like 3 years ago. And you were right not to trust ATI then.

    It's the second best video card on the market (the best is a $650+ monster). And the costs are down. I didn't have to cut any corners to fit it in. This would be one killer gaming machine.

    As far as 2 DVD drives goes, why don't you use an old one for a while, then pick up a second one later? IDE still works with that board, as it has 1 port. Or you could try and get some more combos. You only need $10 more in your budget (or savings) and you can get that second drive.

    You get very little performance boost right now for most tasks. Nothing you indicated you're doing would need more RAM. This is always an upgrade option for the future.

    The Spinpoint I put in my build also comes in 500 GB for $55. You could get that as a boot drive, and expand to more drives later. Or save up some money after this build and get an SSD when they come down in price.
  7. The next step down in graphics card is th 5850, which is about 80% of the performance at 75% of the price ($300). Dropping back from that is the 5770 at $175 and about half the performance of the 5870. You wont want to go below that with a 1920x1080 monitor.

    If you never exceed 4GB of ram used then you get no benefit from more ram. It takes quite a bit to exceed that, but burning DVD-DVD might. You could always add a second 2x2GB kit to double the RAM later.
  8. aahhh MadAdmiral well if you look at my system specs , its been well over 3 years since I build it ..

    ok so the question still stands, what video card would I get if I went with MadAdmirlas setup ?

    Now I did plan on using my exisiting sound card, so I hope that is ok.

    Somethings I do with my computer

    games : aion, eveonline, rapplez
    office work : excel, powerpoint, publisher
    movies : taking avi files and making dvd's out of them
    burning : burning dvd's
    sound : listening to mp3's
    video : watching anime, tv shows, porn

    that is pretty much about it ..

    hope that helps a little more ..

    and thanks for all the help !!!!!!!!!
  9. gotta have the porn :D
  10. Oh I know it's been over three years since you've built it. But the AMD/ATI deal was a pretty big one for the tech business. I heard about it, and I wasn't even that big into it back then...

    You really don't need a sound card, so using the old one doesn't really matter.

    Either the 5850 or the 5870. The 5850 would allow you to tack on some extras (another HDD and/or another optical). The 5870 is the better card, and is still within budget. The 5870 would have a little longer staying power. Another factor is the monitor resolution, which I can't believe I forgot to ask. So what is it?
  11. you can get a gts 250 for $110 on newegg right now, which should last you at least 2 years, in which time you could replace it with some $250 card and still probably be ahead of where you would be buying the 400 dollar one today. Only downside is you wouldn't be guaranteed max settings on all games, but you would be close
  12. Except that the 250 will have your computer sucking for the next 2 years.

    The only viable nVidia option is to wait for 3-6 months (or longer) for their new DirectX 11 cards. Supposedly, they're being released Q1 2010, but no actual release date has been announced.

    So the choices are:
    1) Get the 5870 for $400 and destroy any game for the next 3-5 years.
    2) Get the 5850 for $300 and destroy any game for the next 2-4 years.
    3) Get any nVidia card for less and just get by for 1-2 years.
    4) Wait for nVidia's new cards and hope they don't screw up.

    To be honest, the only bad choice is getting the cheap card now. If you choose to wait, your entire build will either become cheaper (if you keep the parts the same) or better (if you keep the price the same). If you go ahead and build most of it now with a cheap card, you'll lose both the price advantage and the power advantage of waiting.
  13. obsidian86 said:
    gotta have the porn :D

    If you ever run for office, this link is going to become back to haunt you. :kaola:
  14. im not american anyway and our politicians get away with more then tiger woods could dream of
  15. Thanks MadAdmiral for all the advice , will see what I can come up with and post it and see what you guys think ..

    but am I going with Intel now ? seeing how I have always gone with AMD .. and is my case and power supple ok to reuse ?

    let me know and thanks again for the help .. and Merry Xmas !!
  16. I had a though but not sure about this , in order keep the cost done what about doing two video cards ?

    I am not sure how that all works but just a thought I had .. what do you think ?
  17. I personally don't like to recommend it with the original build. I like to keep that open as an optional upgrade later. If you buy either of the ATI cards, you'll have absolutely no need to Crossfire for a while. Any lesser card may need to be Crossfired sooner, but any of the new 5xxx series will be good to go for a while.

    Im not sure on the technical details of making it work, as I haven't actually needed to do it yet.
  18. Aaahhh ok thanks Madadmiral , but the question is am I going with Intel now ? seeing how I have always gone with AMD .. and is my case and power supple ok to reuse ?
  19. Currently the i5 (overclocked) is the top price/performance gaming CPU. AMDs quads are just a bit behind and about the same price. If you want to save money you could drop to an AMD three core CPU as a reasonable option.

    A Corsair 650W is a good power supply.
  20. They should be fine, but I would go ahead and get a new PSU just to be safe.

    Intel offers the best gaming build right now, but if you're on a budget, AMD would be the way to go.
  21. Well what is the different from AMD and Intel , all I can rememeber is back in the day a couple of years ago AMD was better for games but Intel was better for muilttasking which I do sometimes ..

    And I know AMD is cheaper, but is it worth saving the money and building an AMD system that will last 3 or 4 years like my current one has ..

    and what kind of AMD system would you build MadAdmiral ? what do you run ?
  22. For $1000 I would go i5 and ATI 5850. For $700 I would go AMD 3x core and ATI 5770.

    Asking a computer to last over 5 years is really hard. Things just change too fast. Buying a bargain system every 2-3 years will give you more consistent performance.
  23. That is what I normally do dndhatcher, every 3 to 4 years I build a new system , but your right with they things change so fast its hard to keep up and that is why I am asking for advice ..

    But I also dont have alot of money to spend either , so keeping the cost down is also important ..
  24. My thinking is that if you have $250/year to spend on computers, buying a $750 system every 3 years will give you more consistent good performance than buying a $1250 system every 5 years. If you dont have a consistent plan like that, all you can do is buy what you can afford whenever you fall so far behind you cant function anymore.
  25. Yea that might true in a perfect world , but when things come up its hard to buy computer parts and my computer still functions is just that since everything switched from agp to pci express i can no longer upgrade my computer so i am force to build a whole new system ..
  26. So no other advice ?
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