Anyone know if the CM 212+ CPU cooler fits on ASUS striker extreme


My PC is very old (at least 5 years) now all the fans in my PC are being very noisy and annoying, so I am thinking to replace my CPU cooler with the CM 212+.

Does anyone know if the Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus will fit on a Asus striker extreme motherboard and in the Antec sonata case?

Please help.
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    Pros: This was my first build, and I had a friend assist. Case did not cause any difficulty in the assembly. Came with all the hardware needed for instillation. Plenty of Room inside. Easily fit the CoolerMaster Hyper 212+. Very quiet with fan on medium setting. Lock on front is a plus for me with the 18 month old hurricane I have running around the house. With the Hyper 212 and system fan good enough airflow to keep CPU at 50 deg, and sys temp in low to mid 40's running prime 95. I do not have vid card installed.

    Not sure which Antec Sonata case you have, but if you go to newegg's reviews and type in "hyper 212" in the feedback search you will probably find your answer.
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