Can't use mobo SATA ports in BIOS RAID with Controller Card?

Hello all,

Thought I would come here to have this answered since I can't figure it out myself! Here are my current specs to begin with:

==Antec Performance P182 Gunmetal Black w/3 Fans (4) 5.25, (4) 3.5 bays
==ASUS P6T SE Intel X58 Socket 1366 PC3-16000 (DDR3-2000) ATX Motherboard Retail
==Intel Core i7 920 Processor BX80601920 - 2.66GHz, LGA 1366, Bloomfield, Retail
==Corsair CWCH50-1 Hydro H50 CPU Liquid Cooler
==Corsair Core i7 Dominator 6GB PC12800 DDR3 RAM - Tri, 1600MHz, 6144MB (3 x 2048MB)
==XFX Radeon HD 5770 XXX Edition 1GB GDDR5, PCI-Express 2.0, CrossFireX, Dual DVI, HDMI
==LiteON iHAS220-08 SATA 20X Double Layer DVD+/-RW/CDRW w/LightScribe
==Lite-On iHOS104 Blu Ray ROM - BD-ROM 4X, DVD-ROM 8X, CD-ROM 32X
==Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64BIT Operating System
==Corsair CMFSSD-256GBG2D Solid State Drive - 2.5", 256GB, SATA II (system)
==Addonics Snap-In Double Drive Mobile Rack for 2.5" SSD Hard Drive - AE25SNAP2SA
==150GB Western Digital Raptor X WD1500AHFD-00RAR1 SATA-300 (old system)
==Western Digital WD20EADS Caviar Green Hard Drive - 2TB, SATA-3G, 32MB Cache, OEM (media storage)
==Diablotek EN4525E Hard Drive Dock - 2.5"/3.5" SATA to USB 3.0 (Caviar Green installed)
==(2) Western Digital WD10EALS Caviar Blue HDD - 1TB, 7200RPM, 16MB, SATA-3G (internal storage, RAID1)
==Kanguru KEFL-64G e-Flash eSATA & USB Flash Drive - 64GB
==Kanguru eSata bracket and front port custom mounted
==Antec TPQ-850 850watt Power Supply
==ULTRA MD2 Media Dashboard, USB Hub, eSATA ports, All-In-One Card Reader
==ASUS U3S6 PCI Express Expansion Card - 2x USB 3.0, 2x SATA-6G
==RAID Express 2.0 PCI-E 2 eSATA + 2 SATA II PCIE Card
==ULTRA 6-Port USB 2.0 PCI Card (4 Rear, 2 Internal)

I have a Corsair SSD running my O/S with the P6T SE running SATA as RAID on the BIOS. I bought a really nice ASUS PCIe x4 USB 3.0 / SATA 6G controller card and installed it with software on disc. My goal is to turn over the SSD to the controller card and squeeze a little more juice out of it - when it works, I saw a decent improvement over the regular SATA II connection, and my long-term goal is to replace it with a Crucial SATA 6G SSD!

So here's what's happening. When I connect the SSD to the controller card's SATA 6G inputs, I lose ALL my motherboard SATA connections - my opticals, my (2) RAID1 drives, everything except the SSD which works a LITTLE bit faster, verified with HDTune benchmark testing. Okay, so that's obvious, I just need to go back and change it from RAID to AHCI, right? Well, then my O/S won't boot and prompts me to connect a drive with a properly installed O/S after post! I want it in RAID anyways, and it works pretty well as it is (except I can't get the drive to flash the firmware over to enable TRIM on it), but at least it boots and works fantastic for how fast the SSD is capable of with SATA as RAID.

When I connect the SSD to the SATA 6G controller card, I get an error on Device Manager saying the ICH10R SATA RAID controller cannot start. I installed the Intel Storage Matrix and can see the RAID setup when the SSD is connected to the motherboard, but the software won't start due to the ICH10R controller being disabled when the SSD is connected to the controller card. So the connection alone is making it such that all the devices when SATA is in RAID on the BIOS are disabled. And now for the million dollar question...... How do I get them to function as they do right now AND have the controller card throughput my SSD in SATA 6G?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. And here's something CRAZY.... I have the two front 2.5" drive ports where I want to have the SSD connected to, and removed the SATA 6G top connection to the SSD but left the bottom one connected to the 6G controller card. That might be confusing, so let me restate it. The dual 2.5" hard drive bay is designed to have both connections slated for the SATA 6G controller card, but I had to remove the one connected to the SSD because of everything going on in my first post. The bottom drive bay is still connected to the 6G controller card though.

    So for the fun of it, I decided to connect a 60GB 2.5" HDD to the bottom bay while running the O/S connected to the motherboard SATA connection. The drive was read immediately and shows up under My Computer and the Auto Play option was enabled for it! How does that work just fine with all the RAID and optical drives connected to SATA, but when I go to boot the O/S connected to the 6G card, it won't recognize any of my SATA connections??? I expected the computer to blue screen or at least just not recognize the drive once installed, but it worked perfectly! How come the SSD with the O/S on it won't work like that?
  2. Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. You have an issue similar to me, I can't use the ICH10 as Raid with another Raid Card, I have to set the ICH10 to ACHI to get the plug in raid card working. My Mobo is a Gigabyte with a ICH10 chip, some Gigabyte Chip and a Marvell Chip which can all do Raid, it's the Intel ICH10 when enabled as Raid the stops all plug in raid cards from working.

    That was one of my problems, the next was the order I picked to install the raid drivers when I installed Windows, my best selection was the Intel, then the Gigabyte then the Marvell.

    If I set the ICH10 to AHCI and get the Raid working on the plugin card then later switch the ICH10 back on the Bios wont even Post the plugin card, but Windows manages to pull it up, then I have a second issue, the speed becomes so poor on that plug in card I find it better to not use the plug in card at all.

    If you want to get serious about using raid pick from the ICH10 or your plug in card and not both, if you need more sata ports for raid I believe the better choice for you is a 8 or 16 port sata card and do away with the ones on the mainboard. I know the card's are not cheap, but from your list of parts for your system I don't think your short of a few $$.

    I would guess that there isn't enough IRQ's available on the main board to support so many controllers running at one time.

    Speed testing 2 drives as Raid 0 on the Gigabyte, the ICH10 and the Marvell I found the ICH10 much faster.

    So my guess for your problem is the ICH10 Intel holding you back, you could set the ICH10 to AHCI and use Windows Software Raid as an alternative solution too, not that I like using it myself. And there is 3rd party software raid around which I read up on once that once setup you can move the drives to other motherboard and access the data after installing the program on that new PC.

    I have 3 Raid cards here that I can't use on my X58 and my P55 main boards for the same reason as you. I made a choice to stick to the ICH10 because my budget raid card are not as fast as the ICH10, so they might end up in some older system over time.
  4. Also I should add, if you decide to use the ICH10 as Raid and later want to use some Linux Distro's it WILL (from my experiance) curupt your raid. The last version of Ubuntu I used from the Installer CD didn't see my raid array, it saw each drive seperate. There is a confusing mess in several forums how to get around it. I also trashed my raid when trying to install the Mac OS. So keep that in mind your planning to have Linux near your system.
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