Is my 550W psu sufficient

I was wondering if my 550W psu is sufficient for my installed hardware.

I'm asking this question, because I regularly hear my 1.5 TB HDD clicking.
This is my second 1.5 TB HDD, the previous one was replaced under guarantee, and had the same symptoms before dying.

motherboard : Asus P5E
CPU : Intel core2 quad Q6600 2.4Ghz
HDD1 : Hitachi HDT725025VLAT80 250GB IDE
OPTICAL: 1 SATA CD/DVD reader/writer
1 diskette station
1 extra case fan installed

Is there a way to test my PSU?
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  1. 550 watt is plenty for that setup but it depends on what brand you have. Do you have some cheapo no name brand or is it an antec, corsair or silverstone. The cheap power supplies lets say under $50 are not ver reliable and could fry your computer.
  2. Wow, thanks for your fast reply......

    It says : LPK19-35
    Brand: Linkworld
  3. I think the brand is: STORM
  4. Yea that is a no name brand not saying that its bad but i wouldnt trust it.

    This video clip should be mandatory for anyone building a PC.
  6. rodney_ws said:

    This video clip should be mandatory for anyone building a PC.

    yea i love that clip i was looking for that
  7. Ok, thanks very much, I'll buy a new one.
    Should I go higher in power, for future expansions ?
  8. 550 for average user is plenty but i would go with a 650 just to have it if you need it
  9. Thanks for your time.... you rock.....
    subject closed..... ;-)
  10. A quality 500W PSU would be more than enough; a 380W Antec Earthwatts would run it with no trouble at all, or a 400W Corsair CX.
    That Corsair Cinema clip is a Favorite; another Chokemax bites the dust! Too bad they often kill other parts when they die like that. Linkworld is similarly crappy.
    Your drive problem is not likely related to power. The 7200.11 Seagate drives were notorious for problems. Back it up and replace it under warranty before it takes your data with it.

    Edit: A quality 500W PSU can handle almost any single video card (except the HD5970). Unless you plan to run multiple cards, that's all you need. What is your monitor resolution, and what games do you play, or want to play, on high settings?
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