Using Paste is This Right?

Building rig right now... Got the Tuniq-3 never used before. It's hard to spread. I've got a real even thin layer across CPU... thin enough to read CPU still. Too thin?
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  1. Just right. I put thermal paste on the heatsink only, as most folks use too much.
  2. i use the ricegrain method, works for me, but i think that if you can read the writing on the cpu, it might be too little
  3. My computer's running horribly slow... It's running cool, but so so slow. It's not performing well at all. All drivers installed including chipset... Windows Experience giving me horrible scores.

    Phenom II 965 BE current temp 37C while running things.

    XFX 5850

    Vista Business 64 bit
  4. Just for reference I just played Crysis for an hour and max temp was 52C. That a little high?
  5. No. You're good to go.
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