Are my CPU pins bent

Simple question, can anyone verify if my pins are ok where the CPU sits on a Gigabyte EX58-EXTREME Motherboard?

PLEASE CLICK FOR A LARGER IMAGE!!!! :wahoo: :wahoo: :wahoo: :wahoo:
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  1. Sorry... trying to get my images up...
  2. reload image please!
  3. Simple answer to that buddy, if you can't fit it in... they are bent and if you try and one breaks or bends on the way then it was probably half way there already lol. Be delicate and check, try to put the processor in as gently as possible. If it doesn't go in then ..... you already know. Funny thing is, i was having problems fitting my 920 back in before and it was a corner pin that was bent almost half way... guess what, i said *** it if i don't fix it now then it won't ever work by me breaking it trying to fix it or just by not fixing it lol. So grabbed tweezers and bent that sucker very carefully back in place, bam it worked lol. I recommend if you have this problem, tweezers and bend your wrist slowly until it is 95 percent straight so it can fit.
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