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Call Of Duty MW2 compatability issues


Im getting Modern Warfare 2 for christmas, however i was wondering if my laptop will be able to support it on any of the graphics settings, it doesnt have to be on high setting...

I have a Dell Studio 1737

- Intel Core 2 duo CPU T6400 @ 2.00GHz
- 3.00GB RAM
- 64bit operating system
- Windows Vista
- ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 graphics card

Any information on compatibility is much appreciated :) Thanks.
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    Did you run COD4 on this laptop? MW2 uses the same engine and should give you similar performance. I would say, yes it will run, but at lower settings. Just turn off AA and all that jazz. Run FRAPS in the corner and watch your frames. Adjust your settings accordingly to keep 60FPS. I tent to turn on vsync with this game.
  2. Even 40 FPS will suffice.
    And games give more FPS without Fraps.
  3. Thanks guys, this is very helpful. Yeah, it runs COD4 fine, so like you said it will do the job :)

    *why would you want to play it on a laptop?*

    I know it seems unusual to play it on a laptop rather then a desktop but I got the laptop for my birthday, and id rather fork out 40 quid for a game then buy a desktop :) also i will be able to play it wherever I go with my controller :) YEEEY!

    Thanks a lot for your help :D
  4. I have friends who game on laptops because they are casual gamers and don't have room or a desktop, or need to be mobile and don't want to buy both. The issue is people who get a laptop with onboard graphics and want to play games. Hardcore gamers either buy a highend laptop, desktop only, or desktop and small laptop if they need it.
  5. or u get people like me who for there job can bring a desktop with them and have to travel for 12-13 months at a time and i cant afford a high end laptop 3 grand a lil high
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