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just built a computer, however i am in a bit of a dilemma....

I bought the family pack of windows 7, which i just found out it is the upgrade version. (IM AN IDIOT) So, I had an idea, since I am retiring the old computer for the new one I built, is it possible to activate windows xp on the new comp, then install a brand new windows 7?

has anyone ever done this? I am currently tempted to return my copy of windows 7 and just buy the system builders pack in amazon.

Wanted to ask first before I open the family windows 7, because i can hopefully return it to amazon tomorrow.

was not sure if i wanted to put this on xp or 7 boards....

also, I WAS planning on using the other 2 family keys to upgrade a laptop with vista and another New comp with another xp in it. so much for that idea.

Any insight or help is appreciated~
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  1. disconnect your computer from the internet.
    install the windows 7 upgrade.
    while windows is running, then insert the windows upgrade cd and run the upgrade routine.
    once windows is done installing for the 2nd time, then you can activate it.
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    You don't need to install XP. Use method 4: double install. It works every time.
  3. better choice is win 7, install win 7. Click below mentioned link and download win 7 upgrade file, then unplug internet connection and install upgrade file. [...] px?id=5842
  4. oh....thats interesting, so basically, install the upgrade windows 7 version twice....

    that really solves a lot of my problems. I was really concerned with the XP installations hiccups.


    so theres really no disadvantages to having the upgrade windows 7 compared to the actual windows 7?
  5. Well, win7 can do an in place upgrade in vista, but XP doesn't so none of your settings are migrated. With an in place upgrade most settings and programs will be intact instead of having to reinstall all your programs. With an XP upgrade you'd be forced to reinstall programs anyhow.

    So, I guess an upgrade disk is worth it if you have vista and don't want to do a clean install. Also, upgrade disks are less expensive.
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