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what is better. the AMD athlon II X4 or the AMD Phenom X4?
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  1. The main difference between the two is that the Phenom II's have a 6MB L3 cache whereas the Athlon II's only have L2 cache; no L3 cache. Whether this translates to real-life perfomance gains is another thing though. I guess it depends what you intend to be doing with your computer.

    Have a look at this article from Tom's:,2416.html
  2. Ahhhh right, apologies for the confusion. There are two Phenom lines from AMD. The Phenom I if you will are below par as ct1615 put it ;) If you were referring to those chips then the Athlon II would be better. If you meant the Phenom II chips then refer to the above ^^^
  3. if you meant phenom ii, then thats the better 1, but if you meant phenom eg 9600,9650,9550etc, the newer series only has 3numbers, 925,945,965,etc the athlon ii x4 620 is now $95, increadible deal
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