Overclocking MSI GTX 560 TI 2GN DDR5

Hi, I recently decided to overclock my MSI GTX560TI Twin Frozr II 2GB DDR5, so I went aheaded and downloaded MSI afterburner and GPU-Z to tweak everything and monitor it. Everything has gone great so far but one thing I did notice was that GPU-Z was not showing the correct memory clock. For the memory clock, I went from 2000MHz to 2300MHz but GPU-Z showed it as 1155 MHz. I do realize that that is pretty much half of what its overclocked at so I am wondering if it does double or if it is in fact showing the wrong number?
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  1. On a side note, while I was playing in a game, while overclocked, I was getting no artifacts, graphical bugs or temp issues, but about 30 mins in the game completely froze and i was unable to alt tab or ctrl alt del. I could still hear the people I was in skype with tho. Was this due to the overclock or could this be something else? In the event viewer I got the error ID 41.

    Edit: Also in windows power settings I switched from balanced to high performance. I dont know if that would have anything to do with it tho?
  2. If Anyone out there could help me out with this, I would greatly appreciate it! Another thing that I noticed was while playing a game on the highest settings the GPU was constantly at 99% usage no matter what i did. Is this Normal?
  3. When it showed 1155MHz was that during gaming? or when not?
    My memory clock usually drops to half when I'm just surfing internet.

    You should look at MSI afterburner, look at the MSI afterburner hardware monitor chart. This will let you track the performance over time. Detach the chart and expand the size; and under "Monitoring" change the "Hardware polling period" to 3000 milliseconds. This will allow you to collect more data.

    I have the 1GB model. My GPU is usually at 99% when gaming. Nothing to worry about, cuz the temp never exceeds 71C.
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