CORSAIR DOMINATOR 6GB Discount at NewEgg - $ 159

I am planning to build an i7 930 gaming rig.
Was planning to get the Dominator memory module. Luckily NewEgg is giving out Corsair Dominators 6GB for a good discount of 159 $ (40 is mail in rebate).

Was wondering if this is good engough??

Should i go for PC3 15000 or PC3 12800 (the one above is this).

Over all do you guys recommend me this memory module?
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  1. Corsair dominator ram is highly rated, and considered the best by alot of people...

    That's why I bought it, and it's been running just just fine at 1600mhz. I currently have it at 1520mhz because my 920 is OC'd to 4ghz.

    I'm not sure whats going on with other peoples systems benchmarks with the same graphics cards as me, but I typically get alot higher score on the same benches with the same GPU and similar like processors... Not giving that credit to the dominator ram, but its definantly not slowing down anything :D

    2000mhz ram to 1600mhz ram is kind of like the price of a geforce 480 vs a geforce 470... 50% more money for 10% more speed. According to benchmarks the 2000mhz ram is not much faster than 1600mhz ram. Like 3 FPS faster on a 60fps game. I can't say from personal experience though
  2. I will say though, I just recently built a low cost gaming rig for someone and used gskill ram... It is really stable stuff, and runs great. Was one of the only systems I've built that actually booted straight up with NO problems. MSI board/geforce 250/gskill ram/Antec PSU/Athlon X3
  3. Corsair RAM's are good. But I would say that these are a little better. A little lower timing will definitely especially when you are shelling out more than $ 200 for a RAM.

    For em GSkill RAM's are highly under-rated. They are one of the finest available in the market. I prefer them over Corsair. The Mushkin RAM's in the link are also very good.
  4. I would with these if you are gonna spend 200.. I use these and I built a machine with the gskill eco 1600 and these feel much faster even though they are the same speed However I do agree that corsair and gskill are both awesome sets as well

    ddr3 1600 6-8-6-24 1T
  5. Mushkin, gskill, corsair, ocz platinum.. etc.. lots of brands out in the market, and almost everyone of them has a hardcore cult following.

    I wont be overcloaking my PC. Though i am building a gaming rig.. i am planning to add a i7 930 processor with HD 5850 graphics card, I was kind of too fussy about the memory module in this case. Need some inputs from guys who have experience with building multiple desktops on various hardware componenets and can give out real time experiences.
  6. honestly the only one I wouldn't get due to a tendency to have compat prob is ocz. I build pcs for a living so i have knowledge building dif types of machines based on custer needs.if you want fast, go with high speed, low latency. if you don't need absolute, then make a compromise.. personally I go for a set that will run at 1T first, then i go for speed I want, then look at latency within my budget. ( in my case I wanted the lowest (6) and that is what I got) you can get 7-9 as well it is all dependent on the money you have, the money you want to spend on this particular hardware, and your preferences
  7. Pls be kind to explain what 1T is?
    As i know that memory module is an important part of the desktop, i lay no compromise in adding a few dollars to it.
    Pls guide me to a module that is low on latency (6, if that's good for a better performance module), + speed + whatever is important for a good memory.
    I am all confused about a good memory, I have done good research on a motherboard, Processor, heat sink, GPU.. but clueless about memory. And this is my first stop shop to the higher learning.
  8. I think Corsair ram is highly over rated, while their PSUs deserve all the respect in the world. You just end up paying a lot more for the name. I run Crucial and they run fast and stable at higher than stock speeds with excellent timings. I've had them at just barely over 1400mhz at 7-7-7-20 and they were rock solid.
  9. I was looking up the difference between 1 and 2T for this question and I found a real good review where a guy takes some ram and runs it real loose with the only difference being the timing rate, using 5 benchmark programs.

    The results were between 3% and 25% with the 1t performing better, depending on the benchmark. Otherwise it's speculation about 1t vs 2t besides a few reviews.

    I can say though, I have the exact ram you're asking about and I have it set on 1t despite it specifying 2t. Everything else is set to specification for 1600mhz and I have ran many series of tests determining the stability to be 100%.

    It feels faster set at 1t but that could just be in my head.

    Just wanted it to be known that this ram will run as 1t despite the specifications. There are faster dominator rams that run at lower timings that may be different about the t timing capability but the 8 8 8 24 version are fine
  10. i will say that 1 def feels faster. i experience that as well. then again working on client machines I find I am sitting waiting around alot as the client pcs all seem real slow due to being use to
  11. cool, i understand abt T1 now. That part is cleared, how do i identify that a memory module is in the T1 category??

    As mentioned 6-8-6-24 and 8 8 8 24 should this be in higher numbers.. meaning higher numbers are better or lower? Like the cas latency lower the better.. and t1 is better than t2.. so is this with the same with x-x-x-xx
  12. yes 1T is better than 2T and lower numbers are faster for cas and other timings
  13. hoyindian-- to know if its 1T or 2T look at the timing specifications of the product (on their webpage or newegg for example). You should see either a 1 or 2 after the other numbers.
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