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Hey all, I am looking for a good graphics card under 150$. I have read many

forums and people say for my budget i should be purchasing an ati radeon

4870. I have found one that fits my budget, here is the link:

I was also wondering if it is worth paying an extra 30-50$ for the 1 gb?

Any alternative ideas are welcomed!

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  1. not really. You will seem minimum benefits unless you are at higher resolutions or multiple displays.
  2. You will gain from the 1GB with AA turned on at higher resolutions. If you don't turn on AA you will be fine with 512mb.
  3. You can expect to play 1920x1200 quite well with 512MB as long as the games are optimized well.
    At anything higher or with AA turned on you might want to check out the 1GB versions.
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