Need suggestions for custom loop

I am going to build a high end computer, and use a custom water loop. This is my first time doing water cooling, and I am interested in it! I have a high budget, and am looking for the best performance, but still being reasonable.

I want to water cool:

- 2x Radeon HD 7970's - I will use EK-FC7970
- i7-3930k processor (LGA 2011) - I will use EK supremacy
- ASUS Rampage IV Extreme - I will use Koolance MB-ASR4E Water Block
- RAM 4x8GB - I will use Koolance RAM-33

I need help deciding on:

- Radiators - Aqua Computer AirPlex Revolution 360/420 - will it fit in a HAF X at the top? (maybe a 140mm radiator at the back as well, but not on its own loop...)
- tubing (looking at Tygon)
- where to buy it
- coolant (good premixed, or distilled + PT nuke, silver killcoil, and dye. I want it do be red UV)
- Reservoir (thinking about a dual bay one, like koolance's dual 5.25" with the pump built in)
- Pumps
- fittings (looking at bitspower)
- DYE - which stuff is good (won't clog my system, looks good - I want RED - and what to stay away from)
- Going to use Nickel blocks - is copper better or worse?

Any suggestions, experiences, or opinions are appreciated!

ALSO: should I do all these components in series? Parallel? I have NOT decided how the loop will be setup yet, so advice is appreciated on that as well.
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  1. First point of call is the W/c sticky up top, that will answer a few of your questions and most likely inspire a couple more :-)
    Once you've gone through that, you may revise your list and we'll help where we can :-)
  2. Okay, read the sticky (again) and updated the list slightly. Might be more changes soon though.
  3. Theres a list of sites in the sticky to shop around and get prices,
    Nickel is fine as long as its not EK Nickel in my book, and copper is better anyway
    Coloured tubing is a better option than dyes,
    most of us here use distilled and coils/Uv light rather than premixes
    I'm not certain on cooling the ram but if you wish to thats fine ofc, its your loop after all :)
    and I'm not sure on the Haf X's room, but a quick google of Haf X 360 rad or similar should throw up some results, maybe borrow an idea or two hehe
  4. Okay then, ill go for coloured tubing, copper blocks, and no dye. The cooler master website says it is compatible with 360mm radiators, but I am going to see if it will fit a 2x200. It takes 2x200 fans in the top, and it would give me better cooling and be quieter :) Ill update this once I do it. So, for the coolant, go for distilled water, a killcoil, and thats all it needs?
  5. Once you have the case you can measure up and check the space, and the radiators measurements should be available online
  6. Ill just order both, if it (when) it doesn't fit out of the box, I'll pull out the trusty dremel :)
  7. Good man, thats what I like to hear hehe,
    You will get better results having both rads in the loop so if you can find a home for it you'll benefit,and yes to the previous Question as well, plain distilled and a coil or two
  8. Heres a scan of my loop idea. Any thoughts? I drew and scanned it because I don't have paint on a mac... If you are trying to decipher some of the writing, I'm planning on using two pumps in series.
  9. Quote:
    Do not watercool your ram. Waste of money

    I plan on over clocking everything to its limits.
  10. Quote:
    Its cheaper to buy fast ram then to watercool slower ram besides ram doesnt get very hot

    It looks cool too!
  11. DDR2 and DDR3 doesn't get hot, even when overclocked.

    It looks cool too!

    Typical first-timer validation for spending money on something that won't benefit your system, cost you more money, and hurt your flow rates.
  12. Quote:
    Typical first-timer validation for spending money on something that won't benefit your system, cost you more money, and hurt your flow rates.

    Maybe I will just run the RAM blocks in parallel if it will hurt flow rates. Thanks for the input!
  13. Why would you even run them at all? The money would be better spent on something else. Of all watercooling components available to spend money on, RAM blocks are the one thing that is absolutely worthless and is primarily targeted towards new watercooling users that don't realize they do absolutely nothing except drop your flow rates.

    It's your money and your as you wish.
  14. i have the haf x with a 360 raid in it...if you go with Mushkin Enhanced Redline Frostbyte 16GB 4X4GB PC3-17000 DDR3-2133 9-11-10-28 Quad Channel Memory.. i think you will be good...i am still getting parts....for fittings 1/2 barb and 7/16 tube... i like how tom does his watrcolling
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