External monitor display flicker and disconnection

hi, Im having a problem when i connect my laptop with external display. My laptop is HP tx2(12" display) with windows vista sp2 and my external display is an LCD tv of Onida(Xaria 22") When i connect my laptop to the LCD tv, the connection is ok... display comes properly....resolution is also good... but after some time of using it(either watching videos or even normal browsing) the display flickers and then gets diconnected(with the disconnection sound or tone) and automatically gets connected again. sometimes after auto re-connection the resolution also gets changed....this is really annoying.. Iv used the help section... they asked me to increase the flicker rate to atleast 75 but my laptop has a max freq of 60hz only. iv also applied max resolution to the screen...but the same thing always happens again.. then i also connected the same lcd tv to my another laptop(hp dv6000, 15.4", vista sp2) and the same problem never comes. even the flicker rate of that laptop is max 60 hz. both have same resolutions also iv tried all that i cud.... advise please.....
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  1. bad cable maybe? It's caused these issues before for people. So check that.
  2. yes...like i said iv checked it with another laptop n everythings fine.. not even one flicker or disconnection...
    this certainly has something to do with the graphics card..

    till date im still getting flickers n disconnections...

    any other advice???
  3. jay2tall said:
    bad cable maybe? It's caused these issues before for people. So check that.

    iv tried that too... iv changed the cable... but still theres the same flicker...

    can it b bcos of AMD graphic card im using....???
    sud i reinstall it again or something??
    iv also tried the auto adjust function (on and off)from the LCD itself...but the problem remains the same.....

    advice the next step for troubleshooting>
  4. What are you doing with your laptop when connected to the TV. Is it maybe getting to hot?

    BTW, the refresh rate of your LCD is most likely 60Hz, so you can't set it any higher.

    Just to be clear of your comment on the other laptop (hp dv6000), the issue does NOT happen with this laptop, correct? If that is the case, we know it is something with the other laptop.
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