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I recently purchased a Samsung SATA II 256GB SSD and am planning on replacing an existing an older WD 160 GB HD. My question is: What software is recommended to migrate my OS (win7 64bit) and installed Apps from existing 160GB HD to the new 256GB SSD. Consider, the SSD comes with Norton Ghost 15. Is this sufficient to perform this task? I planon removing the 160GB HD altogether from my system. I have a WD640GB HD as my data (D:) drive.
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  1. I think any cloning software can do the job, but best practices suggest you do a clean install when moving from a hard drive to a SSD.
  2. Its a lot of work, but you will be happier with a clean install. Less loose ends, and probably speedier. Be sure to make a system image once you are happy with the new install!
  3. Paragon drive copy prof claims to do precisely what you want
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