Intel Skultrail with Dual QX9775 Socket 771

Hello to everyone here at Toms Hardware, Thought id sign my self up to ask some questions about my new computer I'm in the middle off building.

*EDIT* I read the how to post after, so its a bit all over the place


PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse


PARTS PREFERENCES: High quality and performance


MONITOR RESOLUTION: What ever is, it is

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: It needs to be hard core

Here's the specs off it so far

Intel Skultrial BOXD5400XS

Dual Intel QX9775 3.2 GHZ 12MB L2 Cache CPU's

Dual nVidia GTX 285's (was going to go dual GTX 295 but unfortunately they stopped making them)

Enermax Revolution85+ 1050w PSU

XClio 2000 Case (Still trying to track one down, I'm using a HAF 932 for the time being)
None on amazon

Samsung 2233RZ 3D Ready monitor

nVidia vision kit

2nd LCD Asus MW221u
None on Amazon

The Asus LCD and case are from my old E8600 system that died recently. Long story short home insurance covered for a full replacement off my system so i decided to upgrade with the money from both and extra i had saved away.

Now what i need is to find some good ram for it, and to find some good fans or find a good water block and cooling system that will fit onto the 771 CPU's.

Looking forward to what everyone has to put up and any ides as to what fans and any good quality FBDIMM ram that's out there.

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  1. For gaming, an i7 would be a better choice. The skull rail platform is really only going to have an advantage in server related tasks. I say research the i7 and get a good X58 board along with a 975 and a good cooler to overclock it for even more performance. As for the GPUs, the Radeon 5870 is the fastest single GPU while the 5970 is the fastest single card (dual downclocked 5870s). If money is no object, then go with two 5970s in crossfire, or if your chosen board and case allow, 4 5870 cards in crossfire, for the ultimate in gaming performance.
  2. Yeah, i did look at getting the i7 975 extreme CPU, at the time when started buying components the wholesaler i deal with told me to go this way as the i7 would have worked out more expensive. Seeing it now i think i should have stuck with going after the i7 975 chip.

    But now i have everything i might as well use it i doubt i will get the money back i paid for it all even set as a complete system for sale with the raptors and all put in.

    Thanks for the reply.
  3. get the i9 ina a few months

    but grab the cheaper i7 920 till then with a few ssd's

    currently ati are the performance kings pick up a 5870 or 5970 instead
  4. if you want dual processors, look into xeons, there are boards with dual LGA1266, 18 DDR3 dimm slots, and 2 x pci-e x16 2.0

    keep in mind that it wouldn't have the best gaming performance (although they do support crossfire)

    i would just stick to obsidian's advice, you will probably find it quick enough (especially for gaming)
  5. I agree with the 5870 as well. Less power consumption, less heat and better performance is always a huge +.

    You have a nice system, enjoy it since you already bought it. It sounds to me you were about to overspend on the I7 anyway by getting thye I7 975. The I7 920 or the newer release coming this next quarter is plenty of bang for the buck.
  6. Lots off feedback, thanks for all the flow guys. I was going to get the ATI card but i want to have 3D for a while and see what the fuss is about, Ive got the glass's and screen. Maybe mid year ill try to hawk everything off and get a i7 975 with dual ATI's in it depends on how it goes once i get it all up and running.
  7. Quote:
    You dont want a i9. It will have more cores, but it will be a slow clockspeed, not ideal for gaming, not to mention it will be at least $1200 for the cpu.

    Get yourself a i7 920 or entry level i5. The i7 920 overclocks easily to 4ghz, why spend the money on a i7 975?

    I also agree with the single 5870, its faster than the 285's in sli and it'll use a whole lot less power and create a whole lot less heat.
    3 ghz version

    not that slow there will be a 2.4 ghz and a 3 ghz version
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