RX815ELT CPU Upgrade Question

Intel® 815E Socket 370 m ATX Motherboard

Intel® Pentium® III/ Celeron® PGA 370 Socket with 66/100/133 MHz FSB
Intel® 815E GMCH Chipset

How can I find out if I can upgrade the CPU in this board?

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  1. Cpu can be upgraded to p3 or celeron fcPGA chip but not the 0.13 micrometer ones so that limits you to about 733Mhz celly or 866p3 - if I remember right. The other bad part is that max supported memory is only a half Gig. There isn't much your going to do with that beside run win98 or a mythbox front end or so. XP lite might be ok as would some flavors of linux.
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