Will another video card help?


I upgraded my computer over a year ago, and have been extremely happy with it until I upgraded my monitor. My monitor now uses 1920x1080 resolution, and I'm beginning to wonder if my processor is a bit too slow, or if buying another video card would solve some of my issues.

I'm very picky about frame rates. If I'm not getting constant 50fps+ while playing a game and I dip down to around the 15-30fps area, it is a huge annoyance for me.

Current specs:
1x EVGA GTX275 896mb
6gb DDR2 800
EVGA 750i SLi
Corsair 850TX

My question is this: I was thinking about buying a second GTX275 to hopefully help with the frame rate issues. Will this be a large improvement, or is my CPU currently a limiting factor?

Will appreciate any help I can get. :)

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  1. What game is it?
  2. Borderlands and Far cry 2 are just two of the games where the frames fluctuate quite a bit during game play. I'm mainly concerned with keeping a consistent frame rate. I would like to get rid of the large jumps. Will another video card help, or are some of these game engines just not optimized very well?
  3. http://www.hardocp.com/article/2009/11/30/borderlands_gameplay_performance_iq/5

    You should not be getting the low fps you mentioned. The reviews are using faster cpu/mobo/ram though. Try disabling everything else like security apps before gaming.

    Is the cpu stock? If you overclock it, you can gain some fps.
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