Randomly lost 8gb on my C drive

So I booted into windows and noticed that the available space on my c drive dropped from 20gb free to 12 gb free one day. Its an OCZ Vertex 2 turbo SSD 60gb. I can't find where the space could have gone. I havent installed or downloaded anything in while and those all go to my E drive anyways. If I select everything in the root of C it only shows that i'm using about 35gb which my computer is saying I'm using 45gb. Not a huge problem atm but I'd really like to get this one resolved. I just reformatted about 2 months ago so I don't feel like doing that again.
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    BlahBlah savepoints BlahBlah updates BlahBlah.

    OK. Got that out of my system. Frequent causes for this are Windows restore points or the backout files for the various Windows updates you have installed.

    The most useful utility I have found for this is WinDirStat. Download it, run it with admin privileges, and look at the Hidden space.

    What version of the OS are you running? I'm not including "run this" or "run that" for checking restore point storage until I know what version of the OS you have. or did I miss it in the original post?
  2. Thanks, I'll check that out. I forgot to mention, its Windows 7 64 bit. sorry.
  3. Ok I used that program and I found the problem right away. Hibernation got enabled and was taking up all the space. Thank you, that is a good program.
  4. You're welcome. That's what we're here for.
  5. :bounce: Cool, I met the same problem, now I found the solution here. Thanks
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