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Hi guys. Today i bought GIgabyte Ati 5850. But before plug this card on pc i got a questions about psu and pci-e connect.

I got this power supply:

If we look closer at the voltage rails for a minute, we see there's nothing to complain about. There's enough overall juice for anything, yet focus on the important 12 Volts rails. Now get this: There's a total of six +12V circuits. You get to play around with five PCIe connectors for your graphics cards (2x PCI-E 2.0 6+2-pin & 3x PCI-E 1.0 6-pin). These six separate 12V circuits each are rated with a 20A maximum peak load to ensure the stable distribution of the power requirements of your high-end gear.

To get you a broader overview, one GeForce 8800 GTX draws 9A.

Cabling ... good gosh. You can connect whatever you want, it's near crazy how much cabling you'll receive. You'll receive grand total of 20 cable strands, of which 18 are removable. The photo's on the next pages will make you laugh! It's a lot of cabling, and thus options (which is great).

Two 6+2-pin PCI-E II connectors and three 6-pin PCI-E connectors are provided for SLI and Crossfire graphics cards, possibly with Physics support. In addition, there is a P8 connector and up to twelve SATA connectors for the connection of external peripheral devices.

two Molex-to-6pin adapters its in card box

Yeah , but in card i got too some 2 connectors 6 pin......... So can i use this from PSU or only from card?

And the most important.....can i use 2x 6+2 pin , or i must use only this 2x 6pin ?
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  1. that's a great psu you have there!

    You just need to plug two of these 6 pin cables that came with the psu, into the psu and the card and you'll be good to game. For extra peace of mind, plug those cables into separate rails on the psu. (not absolutely necessary but... and then again, it should be in the desing allready)

    You could use the 6+2 cables if you wanted to, but really, why would you? Theres no need...
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