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can i lower the voltage of my cpu so i can have lower temps? my cpu is i7 950 at 3.07mhz with x58 sabertooth mobo. if i can what changes i have to do in bios? just lower the cpu voltage? i think the lower i can get is 0.85
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  1. Yes you can, it is actually recommended since with minimum voltage your temps get lower and you increase the lifespan of your CPU. I also recommend you enable all powersaving features for CPU (Speedstep and C-States). To get the most out of these, it is recommended to make voltage adjustments in "offset" mode, also know as dynamic v-core.

    Here's an article about it:
  2. so the only thing i have to do is to set the voltage adjustments in "offset" mode and my cpu voltage will set lower automatically or i have to lower the voltage manually?
  3. Whatever setting that you enable on offset, that is what the voltage is allowed to deviate from the standard voltage. Say you set 0.05v as offset voltage and your standard voltage is 1.10v, then your CPU is allowed to go down to 1.05 and also allowed to go up to 1.15 under heavy load if needed.
    Either AUTO or offset voltage must be used if you want to take advantage of the C-states that dynamically lower voltage when there is low CPU usage.
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