Problems with computer--help please

Hello a friend of mine is having problems with her emachines w3653(i know its a pos), ive been messing around with it.
This is what the problem is, when i go to startup the computer i get a continuous beeping i've tried to look up the beep codes for phoenix and i couldnt really find anything for continuous beeping. Ive read on a couple different post that it could be the powersupply. Ive left the computer alone for about 30 mins a couple of times and it has got me into windows for about 2 mins until the computer shuts down and when i try to start it again it starts with the continuous beeping again.

This weekend im going to my other home to grab an old power supply i have laying around and going to try to swap the psu and see if that what it is. If you have any other ideas please help me out.

All posts appreciated.


(also it was giving me some bootmgr image error also)

Computer specs(not sure, just reposting specs off emachines website):
Additional Specifications
Processor Type: Celeron
Hard Drive Size: 320 GB
Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium
Monitor Size: 17"
Diagonal Size: 17"
Type: Intel Celeron E1200 / 1.6 GHz
Multi-Core Technology: Dual-Core
Cache Memory
Type: L2 cache
Installed Size: 512 KB
Installed Size: 1 GB / 2 GB (max)
Technology: DDR2 SDRAM
Hard Drive: 1 x 320 GB - standard - Serial ATA-300
Operating System / Software
OS Provided: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium
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  1. If the new/different PSU doesn't work, do you have a spare RAM stick you can swap in (replacing the existing one) to test with? Or, just for grins, take out and reseat the current one.
  2. good idea, im going to try that also
  3. Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:

    Are the beeps long beeps or short beeps? Long beeps generally mean some kind of serious memory problem.
  4. yes, it is longer beeps just continuously
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