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i found a set of gskill sniper 1866mhz cl9-10-9-28 1.5v ram. do you think its worth it to go get it. also, if anyone knows, how tall are those dimms. gonna half to fit them under a hyper 212 evo
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  1. memory is cheap. no one can tell you if its worth it without a.price. if you're worried about clearance get ram with low profile heat spreaders
  2. no im just asking how much better would it be compared to 1600mhz cas 9-9-9-24 ram
  3. Not much. Ram bandwidth with modern processors is quite high to begin.

    I would suggest sticking with what you have. Maybe save for something better? A new gpu? An SSD?
  4. its 44.99 at its cheap
  5. IMO spending 40 bucks on slightly higher clocked ram would be a waste, for around 1-2% difference.

    Here is an old review but still sufficient:

    Heres a tomshardware reference (previous post):

    Another reference:

    I should have asked this in the first place, but are you trying to add more ram, or do you just want the extra "speed"? Also what set up do you have? Intel, or AMD based?
  6. its for my new ivy bridge build with these specs

    i5 3570k
    this set of ram
    asus gtx670
    mushkin chronos deluxe 240gb
    xfx xxx 750w
    Define R3 case
  7. there was no real point of getting the 1333mhz and the 1600mhz ram when the 1866 was cheaper
  8. yeah get it
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    Ok makes sense. I thought you just wanted to go from 1600->1866 RAM. But since it's a new build, go for it.

    I looked up the compatibility with the Hyper 212 + Sniper and it should be good to go.

    Nice kit btw.
  10. anyone have a pair of snipers? im gonna try tuning the cas latency to 9-9-9-24 from 9-10-9-28
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