P6X58D-E standoff question

I only have 6 brass standoffs, this mobo has 9 holes for 9 standoffs, could I get away with just using 6 or could it cause some problems? Thanks for reading, answers appreciated.
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  1. I would use 8 or 9, but if you aren't going to load the board with an aftermarket CPU heatsink, GPUs, and other expansion cards, you may get away with it. If you are - you will be adding a lot of weight to the board and all that weight will have to be supported by 6 stand-offs.
  2. Main trick - get everything installed before you put the MOBO into the case - biggest problem will be whether it will tolerate 'insertion forces' (putting in DIMMs, vidcard, etc.) with that little support... If you're patient, you could e-mail me, and I'll toss a few in the mail to 'ya - have done that for couple of folks here with pin-jumpers. I don't get how you can be a builder, and not have, like, a hundred jumpers or so... I'm pretty sure once you put 'em in a little box, & keep 'em in the dark, they breed! Most of mine are black, so I notice colored ones - few months back, I had two yellow ones and a blue one - last time I looked, there were a quarter-dozen green ones!
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