I5 3570k good overclock?

Dear forum,

it´s the first time i OC`ed my cpu so i need your advice.
CPU: i5 3570k and MOBO: Asrock z77 extreme 4 COOLER: Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO

I overclocked it to 4.4 ghz with manually vcore at: 1.175volt.
In prime 95 after 15 mins i get max temps:
Core-0: 62C
Core-1: 62C
Core-2: 62C
Core-3: 59C
Package: 66C

In coretemp:
Almost same 64-66C on all cores.

Then i used Intel Burn test, and set in 10 runs.
After that i got following temperatures:

Am i doing all good? Cant it go more or should i put it down?

Another question is why does in cpuz write in idle 1.16vcore and when i run100% load then i have about 1.10 vcore.
Is the program doing it bad or? I use the newest update of cpuz.

I really appreciate every help!
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  1. EDIT: now i ran 30 times Intel burn test and got:

    Maybe i got now less temp because it´s almost midnight and not so hot.
  2. So ran prime 95, version 26.6 for hours now and temperatures got to 66 max. Is that good? can i go more? should i leave it there? please help someone!
  3. What is the purpose of your overclock?

    Overclocking adds heat and noise, but doesn't necessarily give you any real-world benefit.

    Even with a GTX680 graphics card you might find it difficult to find a gamer that overclocking the CPU would benefit you.

    If it's for converting videos and you use your CPU then yes, that will likely benefit. I don't convert often but I do on occasion so I only overclock when doing those tasks and then I set everything back.

    *I overclocked my CPU which was actually BELOW 30C in idle because my CPU fan was off. When I overclocked I lost the power savings benefits and my fan actually had to turn on despite my CPU reporting under 1% usage most of the time.

    Just FYI.

    It's fine to overclock, I just recommend you don't without an actual reason and enjoy a quieter, cooler experience the way the CPU was designed to provide you.
  4. I don´t know why I need it, i play bf3 alot, and it takes alot of cpu usage. So I think 4.4 are enough? Or should i bump it down to 4.2 with auto voltages?
  5. I'd even give it a try at stock speeds and compare the fps. This way you'll know if it helps any. If you're easily getting 60 fps in BF3 there truly isn't any reason to overclock the CPU, unless of course you're encoding video or something of that sort.
  6. 60 fps without 4xmsaa yes with my hd 7870, but with 4xmsaa, 40fps, so i guess that´s normal, i left it at 42x100 multy and stock voltages and comes to 66C max so that´s ok for now i guess
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