Does P7P55D-E Premium have problem with PCI and USB3?

Here is the problem.I saw a guy has problem with his mobo(gigabyte) in the other forum. The problem appear when he wants to use USB3 and sata 6Gb/s and runs SLI or CrossfireX .(they say it would be x8,x8 without using USB3 and sata and in other ways it would be less )
I have ASUS P7P55D-E Premium .Someone says that in some of the asus boards they use NF200 chip which solves the the way this board use 16 lane for PCIe . I saw some where else which mention that if you use single card , using USB3 and sata would affect x16.
So I am completely confused :pt1cable: :heink: !!!
Do all of P55 have this problem? Does p7p55d-e premium have this problem?
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  1. No,if you use one card and USB 3.0,your card will run fine at 16x
  2. How about SLI and Crossfire modes?
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    It supports SLI/CF at dual 8x mode.
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